PokemonGo Missions: Day 4

So, the missions continue - and they get a little harder to achieve each day - but they're still fun, and they still give my walks purpose, meaning I walk for longer and am getting fitter. All good stuff.

DAY 4 (April 3rd):

Day 4 started with the following missions waiting to be completed (and you'll notice I got rid of that Excellent Throw requirement because I've only thrown about three of those in the last two years - ironic, because the next throw I made was, indeed, Excellent; we live and learn):

So, it took an hour to earn the next sticker, instead of five minutes, but it was worth it... and I learned something new - if you just can't catch your reward pokemon, and you run out of balls, the reward stays in your scanner until you can. I am so very grateful for that.

then, because I'd see only one Skitty, only one Swablu and only one Meowth in over a fortnight, I ditched those Field Research missions, too. The next two missions promised to be another experiment in whether or not working towards one goal counted for the duplicate.

I was not so pleased to see the return of the quest to catch the currently scarce Meowths and Skitties. The interesting thing was that having a completed but not collected task did not mean you did not get a third task to do. I liked that, too. By the end of the day, I had four Field Research Tasks - one that had been completed, and three that needed completion - and I had made progress towards, but not completed stage 5 of the "A Mythical Discovery" series.